Ever Pup: A new dog supplement

May 12, 2014



Our dog Poppy is more than part of our family; she’s regularly voted the most valuable and appreciated employee at our clinic.  Many of you have told us over the years that having a friendly, gentle, ‘service dog’ at the office to greet you is more important than the sage advice we might have on offer


Poppy has been everyone’s favorite ‘office-dog’ for years.  She has come into work, greeting our patients, waiting for the delivery guys and especially our postman, visiting the lawyer’s office next door, requesting to be petted by one and all, for the past nine years.   The lawyer next door made it plain when we asked if her visits were a nuisance, “If my clients are bothered by having your dog come wandering into my office, they know the way out.”


To say that Rena and I are deeply attached to this dog would be an understatement.

Poppy at home relaxing


Thus you can understand how I was intrigued last winter when a dog supplement company showed up at the annual conference of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (OncANP) as a vendor.  I’ve been the president of the association for several years now and taken part in organizing the last three of these conferences.  This was the first dog supplement company requesting to come.  It turns out that they were there to promote a human version of their best selling dog supplement “Ever Pup”.  This product contains some of the top apoptosis stimulating extracts, mixed them up with some stuff to increase absorption.  Apoptosis is the process by which cancer cells self-destruct, commit suicide that is.


Apparently the original “Ever Pup” product has become popular among vets to treat dogs with cancer.  Apparently their human version is pretty much the same as their dog supplement but without the liver powder that makes it irresistible (to dogs).


That’s all well and good, but lots of people want to sell me cancer stuff.  I wasn’t ready to ‘bite’ at least until we had some human data supporting its use.  But for obvious reasons, the dog stuff intrigued me and so we recently ordered some Ever Pup and started feeding a scoop a day to the old dog.


That was two weeks ago.  We’ve been startled by the changes we’ve seen.


After a week on the stuff, Rena and I were joking that the dog was acting younger, more frisky, more active, more doggish, but really not totally sure, wondering if we were just imagining she was. 


Now after two weeks of Ever Pup, there is no question in our minds that the Poppy is different; she is a younger more active version of herself.  I no longer need to boost her into the car like I have for the last year; she hops in.  No longer does she immediately plop down in the back seat of the car on the way to work and go to sleep.  She climbs up up front with me to sit in the passenger seat and watch where we are going.  I don’t think I could be imagining this change


There are problems with this newfound exuberance.  When I walk her, she displays little interest in turning around and heading for home, ever.  Rather she gives me a look that I translate as “You’ve got to be kidding.”



While I’m intellectually intrigued by these changes in our dog’s behavior,  my underlying rationale in giving it to her is that the ingredients may lower her cancer risk. Her odds when it comes to cancer are not good. In the US one in three dogs gets cancer.  One in two dogs over 10 years old gets cancer.  For certain breeds, Golden Retrievers in particular, (Poppy is half Golden and half Lab) the odds are worse, three out of four get caner.  


Thus giving this stuff to our dog makes sense intellectually. That she is acting younger by the day is an unasked for, unexpected, but quite appreciated side effect.


Rena and I are sat over breakfast this morning, looking at the dog, and agreed to order a case of this Ever Pup stuff for the office to let our patients, well our patients’ dogs give it a try.  We are quite curious to see if other dogs react the same way Poppy has.


I typically don’t get excited about specific products nor do I endorse stuff.  This is probably as close as I get.  I’m just sitting here with an old dog that is quite impatient for me to take her out for her morning walk and this rather enthusiastic note came out rather spontaneously. 



Disclosure: Jim Jacobson the fellow who makes this Ever Pup stuff did buy us dinner in Phoenix last winter.  We have no financial ties to this company.  I wish we did.


Price:  It looks like we should be able to match Amazon.com’s current price of $29.95 for a month’s supply for Poppy sized dogs.





 Poppy and her friend Flynn