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Denver Naturopathic Clinic  Receptionists, present and past:


Megan and Kate at Metro State College graduation

May, 2015

Our receptionist Megan Chmelik graduated from Metro State College last week and will be moving to Portland, Oregon during the summer to attend  naturopathic college at NCNM, our alma mater.


Megan Chmelik 2014



[need photo]

Phyllis Hirshfeld  Winter 2013


Erin Tausend May 2012

Erin and baby Luke 2014

both starting their first semester at Bastyr University


Kelsey Asplin 

circa Fall, 2010

About to complete her last year at Bastyr University in Seattle 




Brian Perry ND, LAc

Awarded as one of Seattle’s Top Physicians and Seattle's Top Acupuncturists by both Seattle Magazine and Seattle Metropolitan over multiple years, Dr. Perry is recognized as a leader in the field of sports therapy.




Pat Tesauro-Jackson



Sylvia Kreider





Pat and Sylvia traded our front desk job back and forth between them for perhaps a decade, sometimes job sharing, both always threatening to retire, but both staying on out of kindness and commitmet, to us as much as to our patients.

Pat finally stopped working last year and Sylvia held out to the end of Summer 2010. 








Brenna Hatami, ND

Brenna was our first receptionist starting to work for us back in 1992 in the Cherry Creek office.  She graduated as a naturopathic medical doctor form Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1997.  She lives and practices in Denver, still teaching yoga but now married with two kids.



Hilary Back, ND, LAc

Came to us just after Brenna left. She graduated from  National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2000 and lives and parctices in Carbondale, also with husband, and a gorgeous daughter named Marisa (see above).






Liza Klearman was running our Cherry Creek Office when the building sold and we had to vacate on short notice. We actually moved her and her front desk into our living room during the transistion period while we had our new office built out.  She graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine with a dual degree, naturopathic physician and accupuncturist.  She lives with her husband Jake and bunch of kids over on the western slope, practicing in Eagle.







Evie Kathadin moved into the 'new office' with us in the late 1990s.  She graduated from National College of Naturopathic Medicine with both ND and LAc degrees.  She practices somewhere in Southern California, has at least three kids and.... (we hardly ever get to see her...)




Poppy has been with us at the office most days for the past 9 years