Two articles on vitamin D worth reading:

Feb. 2008

The first was published in today’s issue of the Globe and Mail, the Canadian newspaper. It does an excellent summary of the recent research and current status of vitamin D. It has some interesting quotes from the American Cancer Society which has refused to acknowledge vitamin D’s protective effect oin contrast to the Canadian Cancer Society that suggests daily doses. It’s easy to read.

This is the kind of link that is worth forwarding to friends and doctors to explain this naturopathic doctor’s obsession and constant request that you take huge doses of it.


Remember last year we wrote about the link between vitamin D deficiency and increased risk of colds and flu in the winter? A follow up paper was published last month, February 2008, and the full text is available to read online. It is called “On the Epidemiology of Influenza” and was published in the Virology Journal. It appears that the flu doesn’t spread as simply as we have been lead to believe. It isn’t as easy reading like the Globe and Mail article but interesting still.

If you go to the link below you will get to a page containing the article abstract. In the upper right corner of the page there is a link that says “pdf” that will bring you to the full text.

I hope all of you appreciate what a relief it is to write about something other than what’s happening at the Capitol. Thank you for your ongoing patience and assistance.


I’ve had a few emails complaining that the link to Dr Cannell’s article on the Epidemiology of Influenza published in Virology didn’t work. It makes good bedtime reading, so here is an alternate way to get it.
Go to:

Currently his article is Virology's most browsed article and it is on top of the list this link brings you to of popular articles.
Click on “Provisional PDF” to view the article.

It may be that you need to first click on and sign up to be an “Open Access” member for this to open. There’s a blue button just above the title. It’s free.

Also, because people are asking, below is the link to the original newsletter about vitamin D preventing the flu that we sent out in November, 2006:

And lastly, I've received a query, "I read in my nutrition books that vitamin D is the most toxic of the vitamins."

This was thought to be true until fairly recently. A landmark paper was published by Vieth in 1999 that disproved these earlier opinions.

Vieth, R. Vitamin D supplementation, 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations, and safety.Am J Clin Nutr. 1999 May;69(5):842-56.

The following link should bring you to a free download of Vieth's article: