August 26, 2018

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Dr. Schor has been writing for various publications for the past few decades.  Many of those older articles are posted on this site under the NEWS tab.   Newer articles and most of the older articles are posted on our new blog site:




This website provides information about the practices of Jacob J. Schor, N.D. and Rena A. Bloom, N.D. We hope that the information provided answers your questions about naturopathic medicine in general and our practices in particular. We have posted many of the Newsletters which we have sent out to our patients over the years under the 'News' heading. We hope reading through some of these past articles will give you a better idea of our philosophy and point of view. If you would like to be added to our e-mail list, please enter your name to the right.  It costs nothing and we are happy if we can provide useful information.


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We send our newsletters to our patient mailing list on a frequent but not routine schedule and have done so for many years.  Most are written by Dr.. Schor.  You may wish to read through some of our past newsletters as doing so may provide useful information and also give you some insight into how we approach the practice of naturopathic medicine. We attempt to post these to the website and list them chronologically (most recent first).  Past attempts to list them alphabetically by topic have fallen by the wayside and that page is long out of date.  Subscription to our newsletter list is FREE.  Just add your name in the upper right hand margin of this page.

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Warning: Caution eating asparagus with triple negative breast cancer:





















Photo: American Naturopathic Association held its 38th annual convention in Denver in 1934.

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