Wolves and Mosquitoes

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July 27, 2012


Our friend John Kellas sent us this picture of a wolf this morning.  John is a Wildlife Warden in Banff National Park, Canada.   As such, he in charge of controlling interactions between the visiting humans and the animals living within the park.


The wolf is marking his territory and not simply expressing his annoyance with the sign.

Photo: Owen Slater




Years ago, Warden Kellas began experimenting with ways to limit the interactions between humans and mosquitoes.  His experimentation resulted in the "DEET-Free" mosquito repellents that we have sold through our office for the last 8 years. 


To make these products, Kellas combines various natural ingredients that act synergistically together to repel mosquitoes. I won't begin to explain them here. That's what the website is for.  The bottom line though is simple.  They are not just non-toxic, they are pleasant on the skin, with an odor that one quickly adjusts to.  John talks about his batches of repellent the way another friend of ours, a vintner, talks about his wines.  Some batches are better than others.  All seem to do an excellent job of deterring mosquitoes inthe mountain parks of British Columbia and Alberta.  Mosquitoes there are a serious challenge to anyone who wants to spend time outdoors. 


Dr. Schor originally met Warden Kellas on the Wapta Icefield in 2004. A chance encounter became an acquaintance that turned into a friendship.  As of this year, 2012, this relationship has become something of business partnership: the Denver Naturopathic Clinic now serves as the US distributor for John's repellents.


An article in this morning's Denver Post predicted a bad year for mosquitoes, well actually a good year for mosquitoes and a bad year those of not wishing to be bitten and a potentially risky year for West Nile Virus:

[Post Article]

So this is just a reminder that we do have this year's batch of DEET-Free repellent in stock at the office.  For our readers who are not local and wish to purchase this product by mail, they can do so through this website:


[note that the address is 'co' and not 'com']


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