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No more Luddites here!

March 13, 2017



Our nephew Noam spent a few weeks living in our spare bedroom this winter.  As any good and generous aunt and uncle in Colorado should do, we piled him in the car on my days off and I brought him up to the mountains to learn to ski.  In exchange he went online and set up a new website for our clinic and also set up a blog site for me. 


That massive library of old newsletters from the old website has been partially and randomly transferred to this new blog site:


If you go there you can sign up and receive my somewhat random newsletters via this new format.


I invite you to follow this blog.


While it would be nice to replace our former newsletter format, indeed Noam expects me to, we suspect that a percentage of our readers are like me and have little interest in modernizing. For the short term we will continue to use both systems to communicate with patients and others.


Noam also created a new website for us that reflects both my current focus on naturopathic oncology and Dr Bloom’s ongoing practice:


Careful readers will note that our fee schedule has been changed on the new website.  These new prices will go into effect April 15, 2017.  Returning patients will be charged current fees until June 1.


If you have questions about these changes please contact our front desk:



 Our ski bum and webmaster Noam Bloom