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Wild Rose June 2012 Herman Gulch


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The Natural Medicine Journal: The official journal of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  Dr. Schor is both an assistant editor and a regular contributor to the Journal.  A current list of articles he has authored can be easily created by going to the Journal's home page, and using searching for "Schor".

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Wellness Times A popular online site providing up to date information on natural medicine for consumers.


American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Blog  Link

International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine link

Park Hill News link

Naturopathy Digest  link

NDNR: Naturopathic Doctors News and Review   link

To Your Health Magazine  Link

Vitamin Cottage/Natural Grocers  Article Directory link























Physicians Who Listen: The Blog of The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians:













Pistachios for Valentine's Day  Feb 2011

Fried Fish of Chanukah December 2010


Order Matters August 2010

Two School  June 2010

Quercetin Synergy April 2010



Changing paradigms in Cancer Care

Digitus Impudicus

Charlie Chaplin & Mr. Bean November 2009

Happy NewYear  October 2009

A different approach to practice building September 2009

Letting Nature Heal August 2009













Naturopathy Digest


















June 2008

Vaccines, Immune Function and Disease:  The Benefit of Vaccines

August 2007

Radiation Hormesis Part 2

July 2007

Radiation Hormesis Part 1

May 2007


April 2007

The Downside of Acid-Blocking Drugs

January 2007

Vitamin D and Influenza

Why we get colds in the winter time explained

December 2006

Potential Used for Vitamin D Part II

Seasonality and geographic variability suggest new uses for vitamin D.

November 2006

Potential Used for Vitamin D Part I

Seasonality and geographic variability suggest new uses for vitamin D.

August 2006

The Many Hats of NAC:

Recent research is pointing to new uses for N-acetyl-cysteine.

June 2006

Dogs and Cancer:

April 2006

Pomegranate People:




























NDNR does not routinely post their journal onlne but several of our past articles are available:



















May 10 Thyroid and Melanoma
Recent research and findings regarding TRH and TSH effects on melanoma.
posted at Melanoma and Thyroid

April 10 Laughter and Allergies: The Work of Hajime Kimata:

The use of humor as treatment for allergic responses.

FEB 10 NewRisk Factor for Osteoporosis:  SSRIs and bone loss

Fluoxetine has made a lot of people feel better, but recent research suggests it may prove to be a bummer.

Fluoxetine and similar drugs apparently decrease bone density and increase risk of fractures.


NOV 09 – Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1

Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1
Possible benefit to cancer patients

MAY 07 – Sildenafil Adjunctive Neoplastic Therapy

Sildenafil: Adjunctive Neoplastic Therapy

FEB 10 – New Risk Factor for Osteoporosis

New Risk Factor for Osteoporosis
SSRIs can impact bone health

FEB 09 – Breast Cancer Review The ASCO Report

Breast Cancer Review The ASCO Report
Gurdev Parmar, ND, FABNO and Jacob Schor, ND, FABNO


APRIL 09 – Kfar Saba Syndrome

Kfar Saba Syndrome:
The tie between hypothyroidism, and iron and B12 deficiencies












April 2010 Humor and Allergies [Link]

February 2010  Celebrating our new colleagues:  the SCNM graduation: [Link]


November 2008

Bob Timberlake: In memory       


May 2008

Mushrooms and Breast Cancer Prevention


January 2008

Curcumin and Alzheimer's Disease


July 2007

Sunscreen, Vitamin D and Cancer


May 2007

Sildenaphil and Chemotherapy


March 2007

Lavender Oil and Gynecomastia


January 2007

Vitamin D and the common cold

Newly published paper on seasonal viral epidemics points to vitamin D as missing link



August 2006

The metabolic causes of autism


Park Hill News:  Dr. Schor has written columns for the Greater Park Hill News since 1998.  Past articles may be viewed at:  [Park Hill News Index]


International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine Link









Melatonin and the Gastrointestinal Tract: possibilities for treatment:  to be published.  Draft copy


To Your Health Magazine

Does Sunscreen Help?  June 2009 Link


Vitamin Cottage: Directory of Articles Link



2012 Newsletters by month:









A New Years for Trees


2011: Newsletters by month:










Aspirin and breast cancer


Bok Choy Too much of a good thing

Fried Fish and Heart Disease Risk










Alzheimer's disease: green tea and l-theanine

Myrosinase and sulforaphane











Prunes are laxatives, duh!


NAC: avoid with chemo

Fecal transplants

mycobacter vaccae










Hot Spotters

Sesame Oil and Diabetes

Take Thyroid at bedtime

Iodine and thyroid


2010 Newsletters listed by month:


Chocolate and heart failure

Lunar Eclipse and links to past holiday newsletters


Mediterranean Diet Adherence


Alzheimer's disease: Caregiving spouses at 6 times the risk

Selenium and Lung Cancer

Sesame Seeds











Lignan and breast cancer survival

Broccoli and Bladder Cancer

flaxseed oil and Herceptin

Cherry Juice in NMJ:

Pistachios and Lipid Profiles in NMJ

Barbecuing to reduce heterocyclic amine production in NMJ


Lycopene cuts cervical cancer risk

Alzheimer's Disease: Protocol Update

Laughter: Hajime Kimata 


Vitamin D reduces risks during pregnancy

Chicken Skins and risk of prostate cancer











Vitamin K-3 anticancer effect enhanced by E succinate

Chocolate lowers blood pressure

Grape Juice slows cognitive decline













Antioxidant content of juices: A Comparison

Beer and Bones

Vitamin D, Flu and Asthma












Sleep Duration and Cancer Risk

Fosamax and non-traumatic fractures

Fructose and Mercury

Nuts: Nothing simple about 











Tamoxifen and SSRIs don't mix


2009 Newsletters listed by month:












Chanukah Chili Rellenos and Guacamole

No-Knead Bread Recipe and S. boulardii

Christmas stollen

Why don't we Trust Big Pharma?



Nursing Home Vitamin D reports flu otbreak.

Ants, Fungus and Sugar Cravings


Honey Update 2009

Flu Update

Charlie Chaplin and Atopic Dermatitis

Serotonin and Bone

Selenium: Which form to use?  Written back in Nov 2001 but never posted until now!

Vitamin D and aromatase arthralgia 


Melatonin and GIT

Catching Fire

Odds and Ends: asparagus, baking soda etc.


Green Space and the Determinants of Health

Nigella Sativa and Pancreatic Cancer


Antidepressants and Tamoxifen Do Not Mix!

Spam is Cooking Our Planet 

Zicam Update 

Vitamin D update

Curcumin update June 2009


Antioxidants: A New way to talk about

Swine Flu

How important is access to health care?

Ginger for Chemo Nausea

Melatonin and Gastrointestinal Disease 

Diet and Exercise for Breast Cancer


Grape Seed Extract Reduces Hot Flashes

Altitude Sickness Update

Esophageal Cancer Risk Factors


Skin Protection and Sunscreen

Soy and Tamoxifen do not mix well!


Thomas Malthus and the Global Food Crisis


Daylight Savings Time

January 2009


Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Lactose Free Yogurt 

Vitamin D improves mood 

2008 Newsletters listed by month:


December 2008

GERD and Melatonin

Infrared Sauna Part I

Flamingo Therapy

November 2008

Robert Timberlake

Diabetes Chaos

Exercise and Cancer

What's Truth Got to Do with It?


Statins Don't Cause Cancer

Zicam Warning

October 2008

Aromatase Inhibitors and Arthritis

Fasting and Chemotherapy

Happiness and the Taste of Food

Melanoma and Thyroid

Septembert 2008

Fire Pistons and Chaga Mushrooms

Warfarin and Cranberries Don't Mix!

Thyroid hormone interference

Board Meetings and Iced Tea Recipe: Green tea/Pomegranate and Prostate cancer

Tea is for Old People: Green tea, folate and risk of colon cancer

Mistaken Cell Lines 

August 2008

Alzheimer's Disease Update

Lowering Cholesterol versus increasing vitamin D to prevent CVD

July 2008

Prunes,the Bad News:  IGF and Cancer  July 2008

June 2008

Prunes and Osteoporosis July 2008

Co Q Fusion: which type of coenzyme Q 10 to use[link]

Medicine Woman and Oxytocin [Link]

Barbecue and Cherries [it seems we never posted this back when it was written in 2005?]

May 2008

Curcumin Diabetes and Heart Failure 

Unipedal Standing to prevent hip fractures

April 2008

Blue Light and Melatonin [Link]

March 2008

February 2008

Vitamin D Links to interesting articles: Cannell article in Virology and Globe and Mail article [link]

Light at Night: Israeli Study uses NASA satelite photos to predict breast cancer rate [link]

Cowboys and Lung Cancer

January 2008

Diet Malarkey: Alkaline and Ash Diets and Cancer

Bisphenol-A and Harry Potter Link

FABNO: Fellow of the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology [link]

Brocoli Sprouts, Oncoplex and other BS [link]

Real Preventive Medicine: Vitamin D and Breast [link]



2007 Newsletters listed by month:


November 2007

Computer  Recycling [LINK]

Metabolic Syndrome, Vit D and Prostate Cancer [link]

Mushrooms and Breast Cancer Risk [link]


October 2007

Neuropathy Prevention [link]

Taxol and Breast Cancer [link]

Anthracycline cardiotoxicity and breast cancer [link]

Curcumin and Alzheimer's disease [link]

Synergy of Phytochemicals [link]

September 2007

Breast Cancer and Melatonin [link]

Colorectal Cancer and Vit D [link]

Curcumin and Alzheimers [link]

Molecular Targets [link]

Betacarotene and Cancer Risk [link]

Russian Spam, Betulinic Acid and Chaga Mushrooms[Link]

Honey Update 2007 [Link]

August 2007

Pancreatic Cancer [link]

Lung Cancer [link]

Coffee and MI Risk [link]

July 2007

Dietary Aromatase Inhibitors [link]

Epigenetics and Cancer [link]

In Praise of Costco [Link]

Organic produce, the real reason to buy [Link]

June 2007

Radiation Hormesis Revigator, Radon Mines [link]

Canadian Cancer Society recommends Vitamin D to prevent Cancer [link]

May 2007

Sunscreen and Insect Repellents don't mix [link]

Honeybees and Cellphones [link]

Avemar: Fermented Wheat Germ and Cancer [link]

Avemar: a second article [link]

Black Cohosh, Hot flashes and Breast Cancer [link]

March 2007

April 2007

Sourdough Bread and Celiac Disease [link] Toxoplasma: makes rats love cats [link]

February 2007

Acid Blocker Side Effects [link]

Aspirin lowers risk of getting asthma [link]

Germ Theory vs Fertile Field [link]

January 2007










Essiac Tea [link]

Anti Tumor Necrosis Factor Drugs [link]




2006 Newsletters listed by month:










December 2006

Chanukah Latkes [link]

Mistletoe, Kissing and Cancer [link]

Dead pilgrims, cranberries and fruitcake recipe [link]

November 2006










Influenza and Vitamin D [link]

Drink a toast to Resveratrol [Link]

October 2006

Xylitol Sweetened Gum Dangerous for Dogs


Cherry Juice Concentrate and the FDA [link]

Incretin Mimetics: Gila Spit and Pesto [link]

Viagra and Adriamycin [link]

September 2006

Juice protects against Alzheimer's Disease [link]

Denver, Sunbathing and Tuberculosis [Link]

Sunscreen Backfires [Link]

Honey Update [Link]

August 2006

Lavender and Girly Boys [link]

Quercetin and Taxol [link]

Pomegranate Juice and Prostate Cancer [Link]

July 2006

Avascular Necrosis and Fosamax: Dead Jaw Syndrome [link]

Mpemba Effect and Retroactive Prayer  [link]

June 2006

Acrylamides and French Fries [link]

Autism and Heavy Metal Toxicity [link]

April, 2006











Prayer [Link to full article]

Congestive Heart Failure, Vitamin D and Co-Q-10 [link to full article]

Seasonal Variation in Diabetes Onset and Course of Disease [Link to full article]

Seasonal Variations in multiple sclerosis: the link to vitamin D [link to full article]

March 2006










Poppy Seeds, Michael Pollan and Hamantaschen Recipe

March 12, 2006 [link to full article]

Cancer Stinks: Dogs sniff out cancer

March 8, 2006 [link to full article]

Calcium helps osteoporosis a little....

March 6, 2006 [Link to full article]

Wrong about Fat: Lower Fat Diet offers no protection against Breast Cancer

March 1, 2006 [Link to full article]

February, 2006

Zicam Caution [link to full article]

February 15, 2006 [link to full article]

January, 2006










Acetaminophen: not as safe as we thought:

January 29, 2006 [Link to full article]

Melatonin benefit confirmed in Breast Cancer

January 10, 2006 [link to full article]

Purple plants protect the brain

January 10, 2006 [link to full article]

Cognitive Reserve: Use it or Lose it

January 10, 2006 [Link to full article]

Chemotherapy, Antioxidants and ORAC Scores
January 5, 2006 [link to full article]


2005 Newsletters listed by month:











January, 2005

Artemisia annua: Malaria treatment may be useful for treating cancer

Light and Dark: Ruminations on Vitamin D and Melatonin

Green Tea bioavailability: extracts vs home brewed

Tamoxifen and antidepressants don't mix

Cox-2 inhibitors

Red Meat and Cancer

SecondHand Smoke Revisited

February, 2005

Hyaluronic Acid: not with cancer, never with aromatase inhibitors

Multiple Sclerosis, Sibling and Epstein-Barr virus


Race & Vitamin D: The difference between Black and White

Coffee and Cancer:protection against liver cancer

March, 2005

Meat: without it kids are small, weak and dumb

Stroke and bone fracture (revised article)

Vitamin D, Bone Loss and Stroke

FootBath Scams

April, 2005

Green tea contraindicated in pregnancy

Eggs: Go ahead and eat them

Our Changing World: global warming and ecosystem assessment

The memory of Water: new homeopathic study

Glioblastomas: considerations for adjuvant therapy

May, 2005

Autism: new research starts to explain the disease

Black Cohosh changes effect of chemotherapy

What about Cohosh and Tamoxifen?

Building Bridges for Peace

Raspberries and Ellagic acid

June, 2005

Season of Birth effects Age of Menopause

Vitamin D update June 2005

Feverfew, Stem Cells and Cancer

July, 2005

Why we don't sell Grapefruit Seed Extract

Aspartame and Cancer

Salad in a bag risky

August, 2005

Coffee and Cancer

Vitamin D update, August 2005

Graviola and Parkinson's

Wood walking, greenery, obesity and cancer

September, 2005

Aleve triples Vitamin D effect at inhibiting cancer  Sept 2005

Emu Oil for radiation burns and aromatase aches

Pomegranates and Pregnancy

Honey as Medicine

Fructose versus Honey:

October, 2005

Helicobacter pylori

Ultrasound and quercetin for skin and prostate cancer

Vitamin C, Cancer and Politics

November, 2005

Evening Primrose Oil and Herceptin

Cardiomyopathy and Celiac Disease

Milk thistle and Chemotherapy

December, 2005

Bisphenols and diabetes: genetic disinformation

Vitamin D lowers calcium requirement

Betulinic Acid and Santa Claus


2004 and earlier.... we didn't keep track of dates 


Altitude sickness: New ways to prevent

Antidepressants and breast cancer risk.

Apple a day keeps the Oncologist away

More about apples and cancer.

Beta glucuronidase and calcium-d-glucarate


Breast Self Exams: don't cut death rate from breast cancer

Broccoli sprout update

Cadmium toxicity fuels cancer cell growth
Cola and bone fractures.

Cooking vegetables: underdone or well done, which is better?



Fructose: Natural but is it healthy?
Glutathione: Useful supplement but how to take it? Oral or IV?
Glutathione and whey protein

Ginseng ideal adjunctive therapy for cancer.

Green tea
Healthy School Lunch Program

Honey not sugar: Saccharomyces boulardi
Hormone Replacement Therapy bites the dust, again
Hormone Replacement Therapy is in trouble once again


JAMA study likens using new prescription drugs to playing Russian Roulette

Lipitor Worries

Lycopene: The redder the better

Migraine headaches: A new treatment?

NAC and the common cold

.NAC and Liver Transplants

Nuts are good for you!

Nut Torte Recipe: wheat free almond
Nut intake is correlated with reduced risk of sudden cardiac death

.Phytochemicals in apples provide anticancer and antioxidant benefits

Red rasberries: Cancer protection that tastes good!
Rasberry update, Fall 2001.
Resveratrol: Grape seed extract finds role in cancer prevention and treatment.
. Selenium supplementation is useful in treating autoimmune thyroiditis

Selenium: Which form to use?  Nov 2001
New stroke therapy restores lost function...
Testing for osteoporosis: urine tests give valuable information...


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