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Aspartame and Cancer
July, 2005
Subject: A soon to be published study links Aspartame with certain cancers.

A well done Italian study is about to be published in the July issue of the European Journal of Oncology which strongly suggests that Aspartame consumption increases risk for developing lymphoma and possibly other cancers.

The study which is still in press as I write reports on the work of Morando Soffritti of the European Ramazzini Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences Cancer Research Centre in Bologna, Italy.

Soffritti and his colleagues cared for 3600 rats carefully monitoring them from 4 weeks of age to their natural deaths while feeding them varying amounts of Aspartame with their food.  The control rats not given Aspartame did not develop cancers during the experiment but the Aspartame fed rats did.  This report when published will be the first to demonstrate experimental evidence that Aspartame causes dose related statistically significant increases in lymphoma and leukemia in females. 

Doses given to the experimental animals varied from 80ppm to 100,000ppm.  Even at the lowest dose the increase in lymphoma and leukemia was significant, 62% more than in the control group.  The experimental animals also had more brain tumors but these numbers were not statistically significant, it was slightly possible they happened by chance.  The amount of Aspartame approved for human consumption is about equivalent to rats fed 1000ppm feed.  In other words researchers saw a significant increase in cancer in the rats fed even a tenth of what is approved for humans.

Children and pregnant women are the most sensitive to problems Aspartame might cause and are actually the largest consumers.

The full text of the study can be viewed at:

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