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DNC News: Strontium Update

Subject: Good news about strontium: first, patients are reporting good results and second, the price has dropped by 50%.


We have just passed the one year anniversary from when we started using strontium to treat osteoporosis. We had a call this afternoon from our second patient who has been using it long enough that she has had a repeat Bone scan after starting it a year ago. Good results, no ecstatic results. An experiment of only two people does not have statistical significance though, only clinical significance for the two participants. We encourage all of you who have been using strontium to send us a copy of your next bone scan results so we can keep a tally of results. So far, so good though.


The second item is that we have lowered the price very significantly on the strontium citrate we're selling in the office. Previously we were buying it from Advanced Orthomolecular Research ( www.AOR.CA ) but have switched to one of our favorite U.S. companies, Vital Nutrients. The label on the Vital Nutrients bottle says their capsules only contain 200 mg but it turns out they actually contain the same amount as the AOR capsules. We were selling the AOR strontium citrate for $37/bottle of 90 capsules. The new Vital Nutrients product will sell for just $17.50 for the same quantity. For those of you who wanted to buy a year's worth at a time and who I told to wait, well you see why.


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