The Greater Park Hill News:


Dr. Schor has been writing for the Greater Park Hill News since 1998. Here is a partial compilation of articles which they have published since then:

To Your Health: the first article [Link]

Acidblocker Dangers, April 2007 [Link]

Aspirin or Cherry Pie? [Link]

Barbecuing: the good and bad news about [Link]

Blueberries and PubMed [Link]

Broccoli Sprouts [Link]

Building Bridges for Peace [Link]

Chocolate and Hypertension  June 2010 [Link]

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? [Link]

Wrong about Fat and Breast Cancer [Link]

Flu Vaccine Shortage [Link]

Getting Ready for Cold and Flu Season [Link]

Homeopathic Anthrax and other questions [Link]

Honey [Link]

Juice and Alzheimer's Disease [Link]

Ketchup to treat Prostate Cancer [Link]

Lizard Spit and Pesto: Incretin mimetics [link]

Mistakes of our Youth and Protecting Cognitive Reserve [Link]

Nuts: Healthier than you think [Link]

Nuts Lower Cholesterol [Link]

Preventive Medicine: Fish Oil and Xylitol [Link]

Race and Illness [Link]

Red Raspberries [Link]

Rosemary for the Grill [Link]

Sleepless in Park Hill: Melatonin and Health [Link]

Time to Stock Up on Cherries [Link]