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September 24, 2010

A phone call today reminded Dr. Schor that this website page was still posted.  Obviously he has been negligent at updating this information.  If you have a question, the answer to which you would like posted, mention it.  Otherwise, Dr. Schor has been writing back directly to e-mails and not posting the answers.


August, 2004: "Can a vegetarian diet with soy foods treat breast cancer?"

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June 30, 2004

"I'm taking Coumaden.  What supplements might cause me trouble?"


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  1. What's the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy?
  2. Are you covered by my health insurance?
  3. Is Dr. Schor related to Andrew Weil, MD?
  4. How long have you been practicing naturopathic medicine?
  5. Where is your office?
  6. Do you muscle test?
  7. What kind of labwork do you do?
  8. Do you treat (name your disease)?
  9. How much do you charge?
    What's the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy?
    Answer: Homeopathy is a system of preparing and selecting medicines based on the work of a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Medicines are selected which in large doses will provoke symptoms similar the disease but instead are prepared in minute quantities. Naturopathy is a licensed medical profession which for philosophical reasons uses various "natural therapies" one of which may be homeopathy. Homeopathy fits the philosophical tenets of Naturopathy. The medicines work by stimulating the what homeopaths call the vital force or in naturopathic terms the vis medicatrix naturae, the healing power of nature. Homeopathic remedies because they are so dilute are a relatively safe method of treatment, again fitting the naturopathic tenet of, Primo non nocere, "First off, don't hurt 'em" (commonly translated as do no harm).

At National College both Dr. Schor and Dr. Bloom were trained in classical homeopathy for three years of classes plus supervised clinic shifts specializing in homeopathy for an additional year before they started practice.

A good source of information about homeopathy is the National Center for Homeopathy.
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Are you covered by my health insurance?
It depends on which company and which policy. We are providers for Sloan's Lake HMO and see patients who have their alternative healthcare policy rider and bill Sloan's Lake directly. Otherwise our patients determine whether their policies cover us and bill the companies themselves. We provide correctly coded insurance form and signed receipt for patients who need it.

The insurance market is changing rapidly so it is difficult to keep track of which companies are covering our services. We have found the best coverage to be from policies written in states which license naturopathic doctors. Thus employees of REI which is based in Seattle, Washington have been covered in the past.

So check with your insurance company.
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Is Dr. Schor related to Andrew Weil, MD?
No, he just looks like me.

Check out Andrew Weil's website and compare our pictures. Dr. Schor has been asked to autograph Dr. Weil's books and is always happy to oblige.
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How long have you been practicing naturopathic medicine?
Since 1989.

During the last two years of training in naturopathic medical school, we practiced in the school clinic under supervision. Dr Schor specialized in obstetrics while in school and preceptored extensively with other doctors performing home births. Dr. Schor no longer does obstetrics in his practice and sums up his current specialty as, "complicated cases." Many of his patients had or have had cancer and he often describes their care as Cancer Cotreatment.

Dr. Bloom specialized in homeopathy while in school and it still comprises a major portion of her practice. We both graduated and 1991 and opened our offices in Denver in early 1992. We have been our current office since 1997.  Prior to that our office was on Madison Street in Cherry Creek.
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Directions to the Clinic:
From North of Denver:
Take I-25 south to I-70. Go east on I-70 to Colorado Boulevard. Take Colorado Blvd. south to Alameda. (Street numbers will decrease as you drive south to First Street.) Alameda is the second light after First Ave. Make a left and head east on Alameda. Go east on Alameda and turn right onto Leetsdale Boulevard. Leetsdale forks right off of Alameda very quickly east of Colorado Blvd. Follow directions below "From Leetsdale."

From South of Denver:
Take I-25 north to Hampden. Exit east to Monaco. Turn left (north) on Monaco to Leetsdale. Turn right onto Leetsdale. Follow directions below "From Leetsdale."

From the East:
Take Mississippi to Parker Road. Turn left and follow directions "From Leetsdale." From South Parker Road, go northwest past Florida. Go past Jacob's Tire Care Center on the right. Move into the left turn lane and look for the turquoise sign that says "Creekside at Highline." Turn left into the complex, drive to the far west end and park.

From Leetsdale:
Leetsdale changes names to Parker Road at Quebec. Get into the right lane. At Mississippi you will see a Bradley gas station on the left and a turquoise sign on the right which says "Creekside at Highline." Our office is in this complex just behind the red brick wall. Take the first right turn into the complex and make another hard right into the parking lot . Park the car and walk down the sidewalk to Suite #101.
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Do you muscle test?
Not anymore. Muscle testing was an early interest of Dr. Schor. He completed training programs in Clinical Kinesiology and other techniques early during his naturopathic training and yet rarely uses the techniques in practice.

Why did he stop? "I'm not sure. It seemed to be a useful tool some of the time, but in other situations the results seemed questionable. Lacking solid scientific evidence that the technique was reliable I found myself hesitant to trust someone's health to these techniques. It makes sense to use more classical time tested techniques of diagnosis: history, exam, and standard lab tests first prior to using these techniques."

On the other hand, if a question of treatment comes down to a cointoss, muscle testing is at least as, if not more reliable a method.
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What kind of labwork do you do?
We rarely order labwork prior to first meeting a patient. After our first comprehensive visit we may chose to order labwork if we feel it will be useful in deciding the direction of treatment. We have accounts with both major Denver laboratories, Quest Diagnostics and Clinical Labs of Colorado. We use these labs to run most tests such as basic chemistry screens, complete blood counts, cholesterol/HDL ratios, homocysteine and so on. Both doctors are trained in phlebotomy but usually send patients to one of the "collection sites" maintained by these labs throughout the Denver area to have the sample taken. This policy was started about 5 years ago for several reasons. First, because to get accurate blood fat measurements (cholesterol, HDL and triglycerides) the patient needs to not eat for 8 hours prior to the blood draw, it was more convenient for everyone to use the labs facilities and personnel.

Second, Although drawing blood may be part of being a "doctor." We never particularly enjoyed it.

Third, There was some debate about whether it was legal for naturopathic doctors to practice phlebotomy in Colorado where we aren't licensed. It turns out that Colorado has no regulation of who can practice phlebotomy, so we still do it on occasion.

We may also choose to send samples for analysis to a number of specialty labs. These labs may provide expertise and specialty tests that are not available locally. the one we currently use most often is the Great Smokies Diagnostics Lab
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Do you treat (name your disease)?
We treat people. Everyone has their own individual response to their environment and their disease. Let's say we had 10 women come to the office concerned about their depression. Each would leave with a different treatment plan. We apply the consistent principles of naturopathy to each person, and base our therapies upon these for every individual case.
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How much do you charge?
Our current fee schedule is posted at:


Ask the Doctor:
What's the difference between naturopathy and homeopathy?

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