Want to know more about Kyle?

While Kyle’s specialty lies in affirmative care for transgender and gender diverse individuals, his skills extend to all who are struggling to meet their nutritional needs. His goal is to treat nutritional deficiencies from the root cause and his expertise extends to diabetes prevention and treatment, liver and kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, and GI distress. He is also passionate about preventative and functional nutrition to help prevent illness from starting and to support patients in building the healthiest version of themselves.

When he’s not meeting with clients or working to finish his master’s degree in human nutrition, you can find Kyle cooking and enjoying a meal with his husband, hiking with his pup Fitz, or hitting the indoor climbing wall. Once he completes his Master’s Degree he plans to have ample time for camping and travel, which are a couple of his other hobbies.

Kyle graduated from culinary school in 2009 and Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition – Dietetics. During his time at MSU Denver he took Dr. Kelsey’s courses in herbal medicine and botanical pharmacology. He soon became her teaching assistant, clinic intern, and employee in 2020. He then pursued and completed his dietetic Internship in the greater Philadelphia area and graduated in Spring of 2022 while also working toward his Master of Science in Human Nutrition. Kyle is thrilled that his journey with the clinic has come full circle and he’s excited to be part of your care team at the Denver Naturopathic Clinic.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) – registered dietitian
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) – member
  • Washington Department State of Health – Licensed Dietitian

How does he practice?

As a Registered Dietitian, Kyle serves his community by leveraging his strengths in interpersonal communication and knowledge of food and food safety with his extensive experience in the food service industry. He is called to provide respectful and affirming nutrition services to transgender and gender-expansive adults and teens struggling with body image, undergoing gender affirming treatment, or seeking weight and lifestyle management.

His approach combines concepts from naturopathic practices and herbalism with a clinical approach to medical nutrition therapy.


How did he get into Dietetics-Nutrition?

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” ~Virginia Woolf

My unique experiences with food and nearly 20 years in the food and beverage industry led me toward a career in dietetics. My mission in dietetics is to help people learn how to thrive through the transformative power of food, much like I have. As a fourth-generation Japanese American, I have a distinctive perspective on food. After leaving internment, my Japanese grandfather was a cook in the US Army during WWII. I have vivid memories of helping my grandparents in the kitchen and clearly remember standing on a stool watching my grandfather’s quick and precise knife skills. Together we prepared traditional Japanese dishes, like sukiyaki beef stew and gyoza dumplings. I was encouraged to try many foods and was allowed to eat as much or as little as I wanted. This environment was full of laughter, love, and wonderful smells. My upbringing inspired intuitive eating patterns and cultivated a healthy relationship with food.

After finishing culinary school in 2009 and spending many years in the harsh environment of food service as a chef, bartender, and server, my intuition and relationship toward food became skewed. I no longer viewed food as a joyous, life sustaining part of daily activity. Food was perceived as a commodity, an indulgence, and let’s face it, the only way to pay my rent. Not only that, but the restaurant lifestyle is fast and hard, and eating became a chore. Finally, that environment connected the perception of joy and fulfillment to alcohol intoxication and late nights — which was not conducive to a healthful lifestyle.

I’m happy to say that with dedication, experience, and recognition that this body is the only one I’ll get, I have returned to an eating style more similar to my younger self. Now I seek food that not only nourishes my body but my soul. I’m back to an understanding that indulgent foods and drinks are fun and necessary, but I know I can feel satisfied without overindulging.

If you believe that what you put into your body directly contributes to what it puts out; if you strive to nourish yourself as a whole person; if you feel that cultivating a healthier relationship with the food on your plate can help you thrive; and if you need help implementing healthier habits, connect with me. Together we can build a better you for a more powerful future.