The Denver Naturopathic Clinic Philosophy

Mission and Vision
We are here for you!

Our goal is to work alongside you on your journey in health.

We are excited to work with you!

We have found that the most successful health stories come from a partnership in which the provider supports the patient with educational insight and guidance, and the patient is fully dedicated to their health and following through with the protocol.

Please read over this page thoroughly to see if we’re a good fit together, and let us know if you have any questions.

The Mission and Vision of Denver Naturopathic Clinic

The Denver Naturopathic Clinic is a community of authentic people who take a fresh approach to healthcare. We empower and educate communities by connecting providers and patients together so that they can gain forward momentum and understand what's possible for their health.

Dr. Kelsey Asplin

Who we work with

The team at Denver Naturopathic Clinic is passionate about health optimization. We believe that health is more than the number of pill bottles in your medicine cabinet, the hours spent on your treadmill, or the number of calories you cut from your diet last week. We believe that health is the responsibility of every individual and requires personal commitment. We work alongside patients who are motivated to do what it takes to feel better. We are strong entrepreneurs who love educating people on holistic ways to approach wellness, and we are looking to partner with patients who feel just as passionate about their own care. We work with people who genuinely want to learn and are motivated to take action to improve their health. 

Getting healthy often requires giving up things that likely contributed to your symptoms in the first place. It demands strong foundations in nutrition, physical activity, stress mitigation, and sleep. If these aspects are not first addressed, supplements and medications can only work so well. This means patients may be asked to make significant changes to the things they are used to. It may mean creating new habits and re-prioritizing schedules to include regular time for self-care.

We know you want to feel better, and trust us – WE want you to feel better too. Our recommendations come from extensive graduate level coursework, continuing education, and many clinical hours with other patients just like you. We can promise to deliver high-quality care with all of our brain cells, resources, research, and expertise. In return, we ask you to be open-minded, eager, committed to working with us, and ready to prioritize YOUR health.

We believe in the power of all people

Our philosophy includes a sense of community, in which we can all benefit from the power of our numbers

The only criteria we have to become a patient at the Denver Naturopathic Clinic is a desire and willingness to impart major action for health gains. Beyond this, we welcome all persons of any color, gender, religion or belief system, political affiliation, and sexual orientation. 

Our hope is to grow into a community that can benefit from individualized treatment protocols, but also educational and supportive group classes and activities.