Want to know more about Rudy?

Rudy, whose full history isn’t truly known, believes that belly rubs and cuddles are essential to enhanced wellbeing. He came to Dr. Kelsey and her family at a time when they needed him most and he loves them and every human he meets. When he isn’t assisting with patients, Rudy likes to nap (a lot), take long walks (preferably in the snow), run after bunnies, and beg for treats. Mostly though, he loves hanging out with his humans.

Other names he’s been known to respond to: Rudy Bear, Rutabaga, Rudy Patootie, Patootie, Bear Dog, Wolf Dog, Big Boy, Sweet Boy, Boo boo, Bo Bo, Schnookums, and Schnook.

It’s important to know that Rudy had a back injury a couple years ago that can flare up from time to time. He asks that patients pet him often but be gentle with his back so that it doesn’t hurt him. He is an absolute gentleman and isn’t likely to whine or bark when he’s in pain, so he relies on the humans to be proactive. 

Rudy is proud to be a registered Emotional Support Animal with the ESA Registration of America.

*Rudy is not a hypoallergenic dog, but is a member of our core family and our practice. 

*Like most of his northern brethren, Rudy has a sensitive belly so he asks that you only give him treats that have been approved by his dog-mom, Dr. Kelsey. 

Professional Affiliations:

Emotional Support Registration of America

How does he practice?

Grinning, wagging his tail, and pushing his head under your arm.

Rudy has also acquired mad skills in working his big, brown puppy-dog eyes and he’s rarely afraid to use them.