Let’s Talk About Gut Health

by in gut health, real talk February 18, 2020

It’s time to love your guts!

Why, you ask? Because there is SO much to know! And by gut, I mean the internal gut, not necessarily the waistline. Although having a healthy internal gut can translate to an external flat tummy.

The majority of my patients present with gut-related symptoms and nearly all of my patients end up receiving and benefiting from some amount of gut support in their treatment protocols. Why? Because it all goes back to the gut!

One of the phrases we often heard while in Naturopathic Medical school was, “If you’re not sure, treat the gut.” Another was, “Always treat the gut first.” What I’ve come to discover in my practice is just how true this is. Then number of patients I’ve seen that haven’t had some level of gut dysfunction are less than what I can count on 1 hand.

How can that be?! Well think about it – we live in a high stress culture that doesn’t sleep enough (which greatly affects digestion), we eat heavily process and nutrient deficient food, we over-consume and yo-yo diet, and we rely heavily on antibiotics and antacids.

If you search the term “gut health” on PubMed, over 22,000 results get returned. It’s no question there is a lot to talk about in terms of how gut function can affect nearly every other aspect of the body. There is a very distinct and fascinating relationship between what we take into our bodies, how the critters within us (our microbiome) handle those things, and how the rest of our body responds.

So get ready for some real talk on gut health, gut dysfunction, and gut love. We’ll be publishing an entire series of gut-related content right here, as well as on our social media pages and YouTube channel, so check it out.

Leave us a note in the comments sections to let us know if there’s any gut-related topic you want to hear about and we’ll be happy to address it!